Bean Chairs

Lelbys designs and produces a unique range of children’s bean chairs, to match the colour palate of most contemporary living spaces. All the fabrics are designed exclusively for Lelbys, in tones of beige, grey's, black and whites as well as pinks and navy's. All of Lelbys printed fabrics are made from 100% cotton canvas. Made for children 1 – 5 years old, the bean chairs require approximately 1 kilo of Hobby fill (cushion filling) and 500 grams of beans (both available from Spotlight) and when stuffed are approximately 60 cm wide and 60 cm high. All bean chairs come with a no spill inner calico bag for safety and ease of cleaning. Both the outer sleeve  and inner have a child proof zip, which requires a paper clip to release and unlock. Fill the inner sleeve with hobby fill, and then cover it with the bean chair.  Beautifully designed in Australia. Made to last in Indonesia.
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