Paint Splotches - Grey and Green Chair


For the enjoyment of children our bean chairs are approximately 60 cm wide and high and are sold without filling. The chairs have two safety zips to foil little fingers as well as an inner sleeve for ease of cleaning. Aust/ NZ safety tested. Lelbys recommends filling the chair with approx 125 liter of beans.


REVIEW - Mary Myers who bought a Paint Splotch chair 

Love the Lelby chair I bought for my one year old granddaughter for Christmas. Her 3 years old brother has one and she kept hogging it. He loves his. There are three in the family now!

Always look stylish and do not need to be hidden when not in use.
Bit of a challenge to stuff but doable. I did mine by myself, two people would ease the load. 
Safety zippers are great and reassuring.
The next unborn grandchild will be getting one in the future.
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