When Lesley (nic-named Lelby by her husband Jaimie) wanted to buy a little chair for her one year old daughter Isabel to match the colour tones of her living room, she couldn't find anything she liked, and so she decided to design her own and voila! Lelbys was born.

Lelbys designs contemporary children's bean chairs, bean bags, and ottomans to match the colour palate of most living rooms and bedrooms. The range is designed to enhance the interior of both grown-up and little living spaces, to suit the style of most modern parents and children alike.

The colour scheme ranges from black and white to greys with a touch of cactus or pink. 

And for those traditionalists who still want the pink or navy colour tones, the range also comes a variety of variations of Raindrops in grey, pink and navy. 

 Lelbys chairs are designed in Australia and are made to last - a quality piece of furniture that will be loved for years and years. 


We Wouldn't buy any other chair :-) your products are simply divine! You really fill a gap in the market - your elegant designs are much needed in a world dominated by cartoon characters! A lovely comfortable chair for the kids as well as a lovely feature for our home instead of an eye sore!


Amy - Footscray, Victoria, Australia


My son just loves his Bean Bag Chair, it’s almost an extension of him-self, to the point we often find him asleep in it! I love the chair as it fits into our décor without being blaringly ‘child print’ obvious. Well done on design & comfort.

Vanessa, Jakarta

I bought two faux suede chairs for my 2 & 3 year olds and they love them! The quality and durability of the fabric lends itself well to wear and tear. Beautifully crafted with good attention to detail the chairs fit well in any home – one of the best value for money buys! Very chic indeed!

Jacqui - Jakarta

'Jolie, who is two and a half, loves her bean bag chair, especially when watching her favourite DVD's, mum loves it too, as it looks fabulous with my décor."

Leonie - Sydney